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documentary series in collaboration with Mona de Weerdt, 2021 - ongoing

More information and all episodes released so far on the project website.

The documentary series Choreographers at Work! is dedicated to some of the protagonists of Switzerland’s contemporary dance scene and their working practices. Choreographers from different parts of the country and of different generations will be filmed throughout various steps of the creation process. They will be asked questions about themselves, their creative work, their practices and processes during interviews and the camera will capture rehearsals, movement research and moments dedicated to reflection and feedback.

Each episode of around 20 minutes will portray one choreographer based on the material collected. This will enable audiences to experience and access creative processes and rehearsals, which usually take place behind closed doors. The project therefore aims to foster outreach and accessibility, as well as documenting and preserving Swiss dance culture.

EPISODE #1 Cie Moost / Marc Oosterhoff:
EPISODE #4 Nicole Seiler:
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