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documentaries for the performance series by Lea Moro, 2019 -2021,

shown during the performances and online as an archive of an encounter


More information and all episodes on Lea Moro's project website.

How can we really encounter another person, enter into dialogue, interact, listen to one another, engage with and be touched by people we don’t know?

Sketch of Togetherness is a series of performances by Lea Moro developed to examine the physical, social, personal and emotional qualities of an encounter between two people. Accompanied by a film maker Michelle Ettlin, Lea Moro (or another choreographer/performer in her place) will spend a day together with a guest. The focus will be on their togetherness and the possibilities of their encounter will be put to the test. Subsequently, their reunion takes place in the presence of an audience. The Sketch or draft of their being together is created from the aggregated material of memory, video and sound as well as from an individual ‹score›. Resonances and spaces of reflection open up, and the possibilities of togetherness are negotiated.

Sketch of Togetherness has been presented, among others, at Uzès Danse (FR), far° festival Nyon (CH), Tanzhaus Zürich (CH), Gessnerallee Zürich (CH) 

see EPISODE #1  with dancer and choreographer Émilia Giudicelli and wine grower Luc Reynaud,
filmed and presented at Domaine Reynaud for Uzès Danse:
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