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I lost

research/performance by Jessica Huber & Michelle Ettlin, 2020 - ongoing

I lost* with Géraldine Chollet and Lindiwe Matshikiza & João Renato Orecchia Zúñiga

17.-19. 9. 2020 at Gessnerallee Zürich

I lost** with Simone Aubert, Géraldine Chollet, Michelle Ettlin, Lindiwe Matshikiza, Jessica Huber & Sarah Palin

24. 8. 2021 at Theaterspektakel Zürich

We lose a lot – banal objects, deep feelings, loved ones, and collective properties, such as, e.g., glaciers or language. On the one hand, we often experience loss as something negative, distressing; on the other hand, the loss of fears or inhibitions can be invigorating. The word “lost” cannot only be interpreted as a loss of something, but also as “being lost”. Some losses come to our attention immediately while others emerge slowly, quietly, sometimes humorously, sometimes sadly. And sometimes we develop a longing for something that we have never possessed.

I lost* is the first sharing: an intimate "one on one" experience in which Michelle and Jessica share the first vestiges of mutual research that they are conducting together with artists and passers-by and which they will continue further in various form(at)s for at least one year. I lost is an episode of Jessica Huber’s research series Venus’ Eyebrow (a feral song’s call): Rituals of Tenderness at the Gessnerallee.

I lost** is the second sharing: an evening in the open-air, next to the water and close to the fire – an evening of listening to the sounds, music, voices, songs, stories and the dancing body in the dark. Maybe it's a kind of concert – or a ritual. Or a kind of poetic archive of voices which collects contributions on “loss” from artists and companions.

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